Hand Made Wooden Puzzles and Brain Teasers

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Next update scheduled for late January. Check Facebook for upcoming photos of some of the puzzles to be released.

I will be reworking my website during the month of December. I hope to greatly improve many aspects of the site when it’s completed. I am certain that things will look quite different than they currently do but I think the improvements will be worth it.

Also, in the past, I have donated a portion of my profits to various causes. I plan to continue this practice, but I am currently considering adding a few causes that were near and dear to Denise’s heart as well.

My best to everyone and thank you for your thoughts and prayers.



About Wood Wonders: Each of the puzzles that I sell at Wood Wonders are handmade, created in a small workshop, often just a few at a time. Made from domestic and imported hardwoods, they are hand sanded and hand finished. No stains are used.

My inventory changes frequently, because I produce these puzzles on such a small scale. I hope you enjoy my puzzles and, of course, I am always looking for suggestions for improvements or even for new puzzles to make! Questions about my puzzles are always welcome too!


I will now be dividing up my cancer fighting donations between ovarian and breast cancer. Thank you to all of you who periodically send an extra donation!

My email address is bmenold@woodwondersonline.com