Hand Made Wooden Puzzles and Brain Teasers

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Next update Sunday, April 23, 2017

This Month

A few board burrs and another design from Tzy Hung Chein, and of course, there will be others. There are also a few leftovers from the last update but only a few of each, so act quickly to snag your copy. A new tab has also been added to the site, temporarily replacing the Gallery page. “2ND PRODUCTION” is where you can find another run of the L-I-Vators and the Tronc Commun 4’s.

Also, I have changed my ISP. Soon my email will be changing along with the website, which I hope to be upgrading. All will be very welcomed changes for me as I have significantly improved my internet speed. Living in the country has many advantages, however, reliable high speed internet service was not one of them until recently.

We will continue donating a portion of all sales to help fight cancer. I am still going to continue to donate to Ovarian Cancer in support of my wife, and as before, I will continue to support my daughters memorial fund and the fight against breast cancer by donating a portion of sales as well.

When revisiting this site, please be sure to reload the pages, it seems, sometimes folks are still seeing items that have been removed from inventory. I am working on fixing this problem.

About Wood Wonders: Each of the puzzles that we sell at Wood Wonders are handmade, created in a small workshop, usually just a few at a time. Made from domestic and imported hardwoods, they are hand sanded and hand finished. No stains are used.

Our inventory changes frequently, because I produce these puzzles on such a small scale. I hope you enjoy our puzzles and, of course, I am always looking for suggestions for improvements or even for new puzzles! Questions about my puzzles are always welcome too! May you solve every puzzle just before you give up puzzles for good.


My book is now available to be ordered on the New Puzzles page where you can receive a signed copy. There are only a few left. This is a book geared for a beginner to moderately skilled woodworker or anyone who wants to learn how puzzles are made.